Someone in the House

Background:  A couple months ago, I went back and forth with “Richard” on for a few days, and we made plans to go to coffee at 6pm on Sunday. We texted a couple of time to confirm where we were meeting.

I got all prettied up and went to meet Richard at the local coffee shop.  I’m not the most on-time person (but I DO text if I’m running late), so for me to get there on time, and have no Someone in the Houseone waiting for me, was not a usual experience for me!  I sat down and waited.  And waited.

6:15pm, I texted, “Are you still coming?”

No response

6:30pm, I headed home.

6:36pm, he texted, “I have someone in the house. Surprise visit… sorry.”

6:45pm, I texted, “And you couldn’t have let me know so I wasn’t waiting for you for 1/2 hour?!? Don’t contact me again.”

My Thoughts: I got stood-up! That was one of the most inconsiderate things I’ve ever had happened.  There are so many ways he could have gotten in touch with me before I was waiting for him for 1/2 hour!  Even thinking that he possibly had another woman over… then go to the bathroom and text me! Also, if you blow someone off like that, I think it’s worthy of a phone call apology, or at least a more emphatic text “I’m really sorry… I lost track of time, I don’t know what I was thinking, can I make it up to you?…”

My Response: That’s it.  Don’t contact me again.  He texted and emailed me a couple more times, all just to say “hi” and no apology.  Even as most recently as last week. So, that’s it!  Your loss.