Round 2 with Mr. White Pants

If you haven’t read the “White Pants” post from a few months ago, do take a read, as this is the followup from what happened today!

(blue = boy; pink = girl, black = my thoughts)

He emailed me on POF

Hey there……still looking? (My profile name has “buscando” in it which is searching/looking in Spanish)
yup! 🙂
It’s too bad guys don’t know how to assert themselves
Can you refresh my memory… I know we emailed, but don’t remember where it went from there!
Huh, I guess you must email alot of guys on dating sites???
Not especially! But, this site tends to be a lot that don’t go anywhere. So, I sometimes forget! (And, the POF mail search is non-existant)
How about we start fresh from this point forward, and do drinks at Capital Grill later.
I figured we had just lost touch or something, so continued…
OK! I’ll be coming from a wedding shower, so can meet you after, at around 6:30.
Ok. I will buy the drinks and pay the tip
That’s strange… I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone specify before the date if he’s going to no tipbe paying or not.  Not to mention detailing out about the tip.  Then, he must have realized he made a mistake in what he said, so he corrected…
U pay the tip
And, then it hit me that he was Mr. White Pants! So, I quickly searched through my text messages to find his name!
It’s David right?
Not soo forgetfull anymore are we?
Nope, now i remember everything. So, I won’t be meeting you.

My Thoughts:  Actually, it WAS classy of me!  I could have not said anything, and left you waiting there for me!  But, do you REALLY want to get into talking about what’s classy?  Telling me you fantasized about me while having sex with someone else — let’s see… is THAT classy?  Um, NOPE.  And, that you’re going to buy my drink but not pay for the tip — is THAT classy? NOPE it’s not!

My Response: Block user. No more mishaps with Mr. White Pants.