A “Man’s” Type of Surgery (Part 1)

Background:  A nice guy IM’d me on Plenty of Fish, and I accepted his IM. I normally receive the IM’s, rush to check out the profile, and if he “passes”, then I click yes!  “Tim” seemed nice enough, so I accepted, and this was our conversation:

(blue=boy; pink=girl)

hello how are you?scissors
i’m good, how are you?
glad to hear it 🙂 im doing ok thanks
enjoying your day?
yes, a bit tired today, but otherwise, good!
good i am tired also. must be the weather !!
why are you tired?
i was up and down all night last night and didnt get a good nights rest
oh, that’s too bad
had some surgery done tuesday so i have not been sleeping well the past 2 nights. 
oh no! are you ok?
im feeling a little better thanks. it was pretty routine surgery and elective thank goodness !! i guess you would call it a “mans” type of surgery !!
oh, ok 🙂
i won’t ask anymore!
it is late for my age but it was for a circumcision so it takes longer to recover from than when dont to a baby boy
we guys have it so tough LOL
vey interesting
mine was actually a partial circumcision so it is not as bad as having the entire procedure done as an adult thank goodness
my Dr actually did say it has become more common now for adult men that were not cirucumcised as babies to get it done as adults
that’s surprising. 
yes it has been decreasing over the past several years since it is not necessary to be circumcised and is very painful and traumatic for the baby
but most males in our generation have been circumcised so to be uncut can make a man feel awkward
i did it for cosmetic reasons . i just always thought i had too much excess foreskin there and was self conscious about it so i finally decided to go in and have some “trimmed” off basically
got it
also it could be somewhat awkward with women the way it was before because most here in the US have never seen an unciucmcised man before
have you ever seen it or encountered a man that was not circumcised?
wow interesting. you are not the norm thats for sure !!
was it in photos or in person?
My Thoughts: WTF, seriously?  Is this appropriate conversation for a 1st IM session?? I asked “are you ok?” the way I did, so he could share or not share.  Apparently he was dying to share about his new “assets” (or lack thereof).  And, didn’t pick up on my one word answers.
My Response: End IM session immediately.
Note: See Part 2 for the next part of this saga!