A “Man’s” Type of Surgery (Part 2)

Background: You might remember “Tim” from my most recent post A “Man’s” Type of Surgery (Part 1)“. If not, do take a read.  Two months after that first IM session, he wrote again.  Apparently neither of us remembered the first conversation so we started again…

(blue = boy; pink = girl, black = my thoughts)

i work from home 1 or 2 days a week and love that :-). i am actually off from work until nov 28th so enjoying being home

the big Vwow, that’s awesome! why are you off for so long??

well i took some vaca days and some sick days because i had some surgery done so i am housebound for a bit in the recovery mode
oh, got it. I hope you’re ok?
At this point, this started sounding familiar, so I’m frantically searching in my email for the downloaded copy of the IM session I had sent to a friend at the time, to see if it was the same guy!
im feeling ok thanks and it was pretty routine surgery and elective thank goodness !! i guess you would call it a “mans” type of surgery !! LOL
yup, same guy!
oh yea, i remember, we spoke 2 months ago
finally went in for the big V LOL yes i had some surgery done back in september also
this is my year for getting things done LOL

My Thoughts: Really?  OMG.  Apparently this guy feels the need to share about all of his penile issues.  Either that, or he’s just trying to get me to talk about his penis with him.

My Response:  Same as Part 1 — End IM session immediately.  Block user.