Tape Measure

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This is one of my favorite dating stories.  I am an over 6 foot tall Jewish man (not a lot of us out there).  A woman that I was chatting with on Jdate did not believe I was over 6 feet tall and tells me that all men lie about their height.   I understood that, if you were a man at 5’7 or so.   She asked me if it would be ok if she brought a tape measure to the date to measure my height.  I thought – a little bizarre – but – why did I care?  We get together for dinner and one of the first things she does is take out the tape measure and measures me penis measurement– I pass the height test.  The night goes on, we are having a good time, I am thinking to myself – nice, friendly, good looking, charitable, etc and then comes the awkward part of the date.   The question after – what do you do for work, family, travel, etc was “WHAT IS YOUR SHOE SIZE?”

I answered her question “Size 15” and after that, I felt like she was looking at me as a piece of meat.

After talking about other things for a while she comes back to the shoe size thing again. The next questions are priceless – “Can I measure your feet?” – OK and the BIG question (lol) “Can I measure your…”

I think that most men would find this flattering and thinking…wow…I am getting lucky tonight.  That question quickly ended the date.   I paid for dinner and went home.

I have run into this woman at events and we do not talk – she looks at me, she looks at my feet, she looks at my groin, smiles and walks away.