White Pants

Background: “David” and I emailed a few times on Plenty of Fish.  He asked me out on a date, and asked for my number to coordinate.  This is what happened next (David is in grey, I’m in green):

white pants

white pants

My Thoughts: Are you kidding me?  It wasn’t bad enough to tell me you were fantasizing, but I have to know it’s with another woman?

And, yes, at some point I knew where this was headed. But, I figured if this is how he is, I’d rather know it now!

My Response: Delete!

Update: I encountered Mr. White Pants again… take a read of the post: Round 2 with Mr. White Pants

  • Anonymous

    Mr. White Pants just wrote to me on POF. Uh oh, did he see this post? Ignore chat request.